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Hair Repair Mask

The Silky Way Hair Repair Mask: With this deep regenerating treatment you can say goodbye to damaged hair and split ends for good thanks to our unique combination of silk protein and keratin!

Customer Reviews

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Emma Miller

Works like a miracle!😍Honestly, I only bought this because my hair was breaking like crazy, I didn’t expect this to work so well after a few uses my hair feels amazing! This is some heavy-duty stuff!! ❤️❤️Definitely recommend!


I have tried sooo many hair care products... Even more expensive ones. My ends are dyed... Lately I've been feeling that dyeing hasn't been good for my hair, it's dry, lots of breakage, like a birds nest. I leave this mask on for about 20 minutes and use it 2-3 times a week. It doesn't weigh my hair down at all, it leaves it feeling very nice and healthy. And the smell is simply divine! I also went to the hairdresser, who was surprised to see that my hair is in very good condition despite the colouring :) I'm totally satisfied, worth the money.

Tina M.

At first I couldn't believe my eyes! It's like having a keratin treatment, only at home and for a lot cheaper 😁😁 It really does deliver on all its promises!❤️

Erica Perry

Before I found silkyway I had a lot of issues with my hair, it was very messy, dry, split ends and I couldn't do anything about it... I've tried everything from drugstore products to the most expensive ones... A colleague of mine recommended silkyway mask when I complimented her hair. I couldn't believe it, from the first use my hair was almost completely transformed, it was so much easier to comb and so soft and silky afterwards. And that's just the beginning, I've been using it for a couple of months now, picture attached! Everyone is just amazed at my hair and I keep getting compliments. This mask literally saved my hair!!! If you are thinking about it, stop! It's a miracle product!

J. A.
Oh my god I looooove this one!

I was ashamed to go out with my hair like this... I thought I would give it one last chance before I cut it.Well, I have to say that silkyway's mask is the best on the market. It is unbeatable value for money: much better than more expensive products. It gives my hair a shiny, healthy shine, easy to manage and smooth. I have long hair, so I put at least a handful on, everywhere, not just on the roots, and it works. Split ends are gone now, not to mention the smell is so fantastic, I love the way it smells, it lasts for days!