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Micro Needle Miracle Patch

Customer Reviews

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Maeve Reyes

The patches I bought with great skepticism and honestly expected a disappointment - but I am very pleasantly surprised! After only one overnight application on the forehead (between the eyes) is already a noticeable difference. The microneedles do not feel uncomfortable, but you can tell after a short time that the material is "working" in the skin. I will now include the patches in my care routine :)

Kaylani Kelly

I have tried many, but these I love!!! Will also no longer do without them...yes they are expensive but worth every penny...I put them on 3 nights in a row and the wrinkles under the eyes are virtually almost gone...then I just save in creams and serums...;))

Blakely Hammond

Until now, I never really believed that there was something that helped. But these needle patches are the hammer. Easy to apply and already after 2 applications you could see a clear difference! Simply awesome and worth every penny! I will definitely order them again!

River Johnson

I see a definite change!

Julianna Watkins

I am glad to have found this product. It helps me. I bought it for the nasolabial folds and wore it before going to bed. In the morning I noticed that the wrinkles were no longer so visible. The result was really good.