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Red Light Scalp Stimulator

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Isabella S.

I bought it two weeks ago after researching these devices in depth. This device seems to be the most effective because it combines red light therapy, which has been proven to work, with scalp stimulation (which promotes blood flow and absorption of nutrients).

Lena F.

I started using the massager because I expected a good result based on most of the reviews. Now I can say it: it feels so good on my scalp, like a massage at the spa, very pleasant, etc. I will give another review when I get results. Now it's too early to say anything.

Antje B.

Last year my hair started to fall out drastically and broke off badly due to a bad hairdresser. Using the red light massager accelerated my hair growth, stopped the drastic hair loss and brought my hair back to a beautiful, shiny condition. I highly recommend it!

Jessica M.

I am very happy with the device. It vibrates so fast and feels really good on my scalp. Aside from the fact that my hair has grown, it has also stopped dandruff. I will definitely continue to use it. I can only recommend it to everyone

Daniela K.

I ordered it based on the reviews here. I have been using it for almost 1 month and I have to say that this product is awesome. My hair is much thicker, it has stopped my hair loss and it has grown a lot. I will definitely buy it again! I highly recommend 😊.