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Skincare Wand with Red Light Therapy

Customer Reviews

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Isabella S.

This thing is amazing and so relaxing. I have a handful of red light therapy appliances and this is my favorite already. It's so simple, turns on when it touches your skin. I just purchased a second one to use in my car sitting in traffic and at work. Haha! My skin feels clearer and more supple even after a week. If they have a black Friday sale, everyone I know is getting one for the holidays. 🤗

Lena F.

Working two jobs and sometimes even three jobs a week is exhausting, and most of the time, I don't have time to pamper myself or work on my face. Thanks to COVID I have lost hair and gotten more wrinkles. I have expensive creams and devices, but don't have time to use them. So what I've liked most about this besides seeing something similar on websites that say celebrities use red light therapy on their skin is that I just keep the base right next to my computer and I can go over my face with the device. The convenience and portability is what make me give this five stars. Do I look like Angelina Jolie yet, no not yet--but I feel slightly pampered when I'm working at my desk on my computer.

Antje B.

Just been using it for a couple of time but am seeing some results. I have a dark spot on my cheek that is starting to fade, Gives a nice glow and is pleasant to use. I Love love love the warmth and microcurrent features. I use in the am when I feel like I need some de-puffing and truly feel like it wakes my face up.

Jessica M.

I love how compact this device is. It’s so small. Makes it really easy to store. Our bathroom space is very limited so it’s nice to have a beauty devices that can easily fit in our space. It’s also great for travel since it’s the size of a thick pen.I’ve ordered other devices from this brand and have been happy with them all.

Daniela K.

I have never encountered such an excellent customer service. Fortunately I have an opportunity to try this 4-in-1 facial wand again, I am happy to have this handy red light wand for travel. Recommend to anyone for gift and self. HAPPY!